Small Glass Screens

imac It’s 2021 and we can’t seem to survive the day without them - our devices.

I was reading about the new apple iMac and all it’s available colors and how thin it was and it dawned on me that that iMac is now just a screen on a fancy alumuinum stick

Over the years the stuff has gotten smaller and smaller and smaller that it’s hard to distinquish an iMac from an iPhone except for OS and screen size.

I’m actually writing this on a desktop computer, but I could be writing it on my Chromebook or tablet or even my phone. Unless you have very specific needs, computers and chips and ram and hard drives don’t really matter all that much because they are just tools to get the job done.

Most of my computing needs is just writing and exept for ergonomics I could use almost any device to get my writing published.

We’ve come a long way from when the PowerBook G4 was released and the thought of having a computer that’s only an inch thick was mind boggling.

Now picking a device is more like choosing ice cream flavors. Whatever you pick, it will be just fine.

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