The Umbrella

umbrella caption: not exactly as shown

We loathed to spend the money but we were sick of buying $79.00 Umbrellas where we would only get a year - maybe two out of before they broke and were worthless.

This we we decided to go big. real big and we splashed out for an 11 foot cantilever umbrella from lowes that showed up today.

It’s a big sucker. The box was 88lbs of umbrella. And of course there were problems and it took me a good part of the day to get the thing up.

  • Problem number 1

The first issue was when I opened the box I realized I needed 250lbs of play sand that was not included in the purchase. And boy, what a mess. The base is 4 hollow compartments where you have to add some sand, then some water, then some sand…rinse and repeat

You try juggling a little plastic container with one hand and a 50lb bag of sand with the other and see how you do. I had sand everywhere.

Most of my day was spent cleaning up the sand and even after cleaning up I still feel like there’s sand everywhere.

  • Problem number 2

The 2nd problem was placment. I got the thing assembled and the realized that where I thought would be able to place it won’t work. The deck was 12 feet and this is 11 feet. But, with the base it’s really about a 14 foot span.

One more thing I didn’t realize until it was much too late. So, I had to disassemble the entire thing and re-place it to another spot and now I think I might have to put it back where it was because it’s more versatile there for protecting us from the sun for the entire day.

  • Problem number 3

Due to the sand, and the fact that it’s 88lbs of stuff to return, plus another 200 pounds of sand filled patio base means that well – we are keeping it. I highly doubt I would see a refund for this. We’ve bought this.

I may have to spend some time taking this thing apart a few more times so we get the best sun protection on our back deck which seems to always get sun it’s been a good purchase and hopefully we will be able to spend a nice summer outside without cooking to death.

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