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hello world

Hello World! Well, here we are. I guess I have to start somewhere and I guess the somwhere is here. This is just a silly liitle project I have had in the back of my mind for some time and I think it’s a fine time to execute it.

Did you ever wonder how much stuff you have? No? Well, I have. Mostly because i never used to have all this stuff! but then I got older and had a kid and the stuff just grows and grows to the point you don’t even know why you have all this stuff.

This got me to thinking? Everything has a story: The toothbrush, the special coin that used to be your Dad’s or even the fork you used for dinner. You had to have some thought about buying this and adding it to your home at some point, yes?

I’m not sure where I am going with this, but I want to write stories. Short stories. About my stuff. Every fork, pen, pink floyd album - you name it.

Short, because who has time to write thousands and thousands of words? I have 20 minutes - tops. And I can usually bang out something in that time frame.

These will not be daily - becuase: life. I will try to write regularly but we shall see. At this point, this is not much more than an idea I had so time will tell if it gets executed.

There’s probably more to write, but this give you the idea and as this is a brand new site nobody’s reading anyway.