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smartphone cases

Hey, what do you think about phone cases? Are you a case person or a naked phone type of person?

Personally I like to have a case because I drop my phone a lot and phones are expensive. Yes, it makes the phone bulkier but I prefer that to dropping a grand worth of glass in my hand. I never understood the internet’s obsession about phones and design. They’re all pretty much the same and if you slap a case on it there’s a good chance you won’t even see the design - so whatever.

Anyway, phone cases: I used to buy just otterbox cases but they’re pricey for what they are and I have gotten cheap in my old age. That said - I don’t recommend some of the cheap cases from China you can find because well, they’re cheap. I tend to stick to recognizeable phone case brands and right now I am rocking a Spigen case that seems to do the trick.It comes in some colors but I just opted for basic black.