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kids headphones

I don’t know how parents did it before where they actually had to interact with thier kids. :) I guess we had a lot more freedom as kids compared to now where we tend to keep tabs on our little ones at all times comared to days of yesteryear.

Anyway, unless you’re really strict or live a very simple life - your kid probably has a device. and that device makes sound. If it’s like our house that device plays frozen over and over again. Let me tell you that Frozen gets old real fast. “Let it go…..”.

So what better way to silence the singing in your head than to introduce the singing in their head and have the noise from the devices pumped directly into their ears? And they come with volume limiting so those tiny ears won’t get damaged

It’s win-win. You don’t have to listen to their songs over and over again and yet they are entertained. These things are worth more than they cost. Hit the link below to check the price.