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Cheap Black Socks

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a good brand when it comes to buying socks. There’s some things in life to spend your hard earned money on and when it comes to socks don’t cheap out.

Get the good ones. These are not neccessarily the ones with swooshes or polo players because then you’re just buying into somebody else’s idea of fashion. The are just socks after all and maybe because it’s because I am older but I don’t need to splash a logo all over my clothes - especially on my socks. Buy hey, you do you.

I will advise again though to not scrimp on qaulity. Don’t buy socks because they are cheap. You will end up buying more socks faster than if you coughed up the dough on the first round and just bought the good ones.

When it comes to socks, stick to brand name. If the socks are a dollar a pair then chances are you will get what you pay for. I think that in 2023 you should be paying at least a dollar a foot for a good pair of socks.


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