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Crocs and Socks

crocs Photo by Adwaid Nk on Unsplash

I have ascended. Being a dad - an older dad at that - requires some skills and one of them is to not give a shit about fashion

It’s all about comfort. I’m over the brands and logos. Heck, even the colors don’t matter much any more for me. I think the pandemic might have been the reason for me losing all intersest in looking good because we were home all the time so the only people you saw was loved ones and they were supposed to love you no matter how you looked

And here I am: with crocs and socks. Not only do I have them on, but they are tie dye crocs And you know what? They are great! I should have done this sooner. How long have we had crocs now? 20 years now? I managed to dodge the crocs trend until now so I figured that’s not bad! I was not an early adopter of these and yet here I am with these things pretty much glued to my feet!

These things are awesome. I always thought they were pretty ugly and I still do - but the only thing that’s changed is that I don’t care any more. :)

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