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What's Old is New Again


I have been amazed by news of concerts and new releases from some older bands that I grew up with in my youth. I thought I had hit the end of the road when it comes to recognizing artist’s names when I check the weekly new releases.

But now, it seems all the old bands of yore are making albums and touring. I am not the most up to date on the current album listings or concerts but still I never thought I would see see some acts like the cure or depeche mode tour again but it seems like I’m wrong.

It’s as if the pandemic gave these old rockers time to write new material and realize that they’re mortal and if they wanted to produce more art then now is the time

I have no desire to see these bands live though. Not because I don’t enjoy their music but more the fact that I don’t enjoy other people and crowds any more. Maybe I’m old and crankier but I have no desire to spend big bucks on a concert when I can stream the album and get higher fidelity without the added cost and trouble.

Now there’s something to be said for concerts, but I’m a: not a big concert goer and b: I prefer lesser known acts in small venues when and if I do go.

But, if your playlists are stuck in the 80’s like mine are most days you might want to search for your favorites bands and see if they’re coming to a town near you.

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