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Dear Crocs,

Thank you for making probably the most comfortable footwear I have ever strapped to my feet

I had originally bought these to use inside because these were the cheapest Crocs I could find at $20 I figured I didn’t have much to lose as they were cheaper than even slippers would be

I do find them comfortable. In fact so comfortable I bought another pair and have a 3rd on the way. I really like the arch support and the little bumps that offer a massage like feel for way less than it costs for a real massage.

The no slip design is nice and grippy but as I don’t use these in a restaurant setting I can’t really comment on their effectiveness but so far I have managed to stay upright while wearing these.

I do have one complaint though and that’s the fact that these can get hot. I know, it makes sense because this model has no holes and is understandable considering their intended use as well, but it wasn’t something I had considered until I had them but that’s on me.

I wonder though if these are the best sellers you would have hoped? I ask because I picked them up for under $20 which is a fraction of the regular price1 Anyway, they’re nice for what they are and what I paid.

Lastly, don’t you think that the $35 regular price for the regular Crocs is a bit high? I can get sneakers for about the same price and they offer more support and look to be more complicated to manufacture as well. I have no idea how Crocs are made but it would seem that it involves a whole lot of foam and not much else. One would think that after 20 plus years of making these things your initial startup costs have been recovered?

It’s my opinion that they should be closer to $20 each like the ones on sale I bought, But if people are paying $35 and up for your products good for you. Heck, it seems they are willing to pay 10 bucks for those little charm things for the holes then maybe I’m just out of the loop and I should invest in your company as you seem to be doing something right.

Anyway, Crocs are awesome. I’m just about 20 years too late realizing it.

Hours worked to buy your product: 1.062


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