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Substack vs Ghost


I have been giving some thought about starting a newsletter and the choices seem to be either substack or ghost

Substack is Free

That should be the decider right there, yes? One would think but there’s more to it. I like the ease of writing it offers but I dunno…there’s something about it I don’t like. All the notes and other features seem to me to be frills and extras not needed.

Substack makes their money by taking a cut of your incomee and that’s okay if you only have a few subscribers. I can live with a 10% fee if I’m only making $20.00. But what if I make more? Do I want to give substack $5000 if I get there?

Ghost Costs Money

But there’s no cut. You keep 100% of the money you make. But you have to pay a monthly fee for ghost pro. To start it’s under 10 dollars a month so it’s definitely reasonable. But to build an audience you’re probably going to lose some money up front.

Stick at it here.

This might be the way I go. I like using jekyll and a plain old text editor to write with and as this is already setup then I may just start here. I don’t have to tweak anything to get going or get used to writing with a new product when the one that I have just works.

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