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I have no idea what I am writing about most days and if you actually search the archive you will definitely agree with me.

In fact, I don’t even know what to write here. What I do know is what I want to do is write or have some space on the web to hang my shingle so here we are.

I hope to have written more than the few small posts I have written so far here and over time I will build an audience. I had thought about using all those newsletters that are popular right now like ghost or substack but as this is a long term project for me that I hope will be for decades I didn’t want to risk tying myself to a platform. heck, that’s one of the reasons why I quit twitterbecause even though it’s the internet darling today it might not be tomorrow.

So, I’m using jekyll and firebase hosting combined with any text editor I find to get my words from my head to the screen. It’s not the most streamlined system but for me it works.

I have no grandeur ideas of getting rich with this. Some of these newsletter services make it sound so easy: you just press some keys on your keyboard and the money flows out. And for a few, I bet this is the case.

I currently use all free services so I’m good with breaking even ;)

The goal is to write. It’s hard to explain but once you get going it almost becomes addictive and you can’t stop. The problem I currently have is lack of time but perhaps when the little one gets a little older I will find more time. Again, this is a long term project. I’m okay with even one reader a decade from now.

Anyway, enough.

I’m Jim. I write. Hello.

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