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Unseasonably Warm

sun Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

This was not the post I had in mind to write today but I just wanted to note how freaking hot it was in Buffalo today.

Read that again: It was HOT in Buffalo. In April. Those 3 words don’t usually go together like this but after the blizzard of ‘22 we needed today. And it looks like it was for only today because in 3 days time the forecast is for snow again which is just mother nature fucking with us at this point.

It’s like the weather is bi-polar: “I’m Hot!” “No, wait. nevermind”.

The kids were out on bikes, and old classic cars were getting their first wash of the season and other signs of summer happened today. It was a pleasant change to get a taste of what I hope to be the summer to come.

Sold Some Older Computers


I sold a few computers today. I had these two HP elitedesk Mini desktop computers that were sitting unused so I might as well turn them into a bit of cash. I ended up selling them for $30 each so it’s not like I am getting rich off of this sale but it’s stuff out of the house and it keeps the wife happy.

Also, I might put the funds towards another cheap mini pc if I can find a deal on one. I am thinking about gettin this one as I find that I use my laptop chromebook tethered to my to my desk 99 percent of the time and this might get me to use the chromebook as a laptop more if I don’t have a bunch of cables hanging from it

We shall see.

The Bad Cop

cop car Photo by Osarugue Igbinoba on Unsplash

When the wee one starts wailing and screaming when she doesn’t get what she wants, I do the thing you’re not supposed to do: cave and give it to her any way. Because: Daddy’s Girl.

Tonight, I can proudly state that I did not cave. I stood my ground and eventually I won. Not the war, but the day’s battle at least.

The meltdown started as it always does: at bedtime. And boy did it start. She was happily playing and I geve her all the ususal warning signs that things were winding down but that wasn’t enough apparantly andhe screaming began and she wouldn’t stop. I managed after a relatively short period of tinme to get her to snuggle with me as I find that that’s about the only thing that works for us to get her to cool her jets.

Once she settled down we thought we had it sorted, and I went downstairs to write a completely differen pos than what But then against my advice, she got out of bed and found me, becuase usally I am a sucker for a pretty face.

This time she wanted to be read a story. I told her that ship had sailed and no bedtime story for girls that misbehave. She lost it it. It was a good half hour of pure tantrum. Eventually she realized that after I put her back in the bed for the 100th time that tonight I meant business and there is no effing story. It’s a simple rule: no rewards for bad behaviour.

She begged and pleaded but I held my ground and there was no bedtime story tonight for little girls that have tantrums.

She just needs to go the fuck to bed. It’s all better with a good night’s sleep. For all of us.

On Warmer Weather

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Thankfully, the weather is getting warmer here in the Greater Buffalo area. I have survived blizzards and ice storms this year and I am glad to be over it now.

We’re not quite at short sleeve weather, but close. It’s supposed to hit 70 degrees later this week which will be fantastic after the winter we have had.

We played outside after dinner tonight and although it was a little cool and cloudy it was a blast to be outside with the family again.

It was a long winter on the couch.

A Story about Dogs. And Doors

dogsPhoto by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

So, dogs.

It’s official.Our dog is crazy. The thing that most drives me crazy has to be the issue it has with the sliding glass door at the back of the house. This dog will not come in!

I have tried everything. I have tried to use some dog treats to waving around some cheese and nothing. One of the more annoying things about this is that it seems to be random. Some timees she will wander right in as if she has no problems at all.

But mostly, it’s a nightmare.

You can call her from the back yard and she’s pretty good at coming and she will bound up the steps to the door threshold and then stop. And after that, there’s nothing you can do to get her to come in. At times there’s been 3 grown adults all waving ahd encouraging the dog to just come inside already.

She will do one of two things:

  1. She will stand there and think that this is a game and you’re supposed to grab her and play
  2. She will act afraid of us and shiver and shake like we are going to harm her.

The only thing I have found to work sometimes is to grab her by the collar if I’m lucky as she’s usally too fast for me to get her. Or, I can pretend to put on my shoes and then she might come in. I’ve also tried closing the door on her in hopes that when I open it again, she will come in. That never works despite how much I can hope.

I’m hoping that over time this will dissipate and as she gets older she will not want to be outside as much as she does now.

Headphone Hangers

Not the most exciting thing in the world to write about, but if you have headphones, and especially if you have a collection as I do you need some place to store them. I suppos you could just toss them in the box they came in but then you would have to dig them out every time you wanted to use them.

With hangers, they are always on hook and at the ready. I recommend buying good ones because the last thing you want is to have your fancy headphones fall. I hae good luck with the ones that clamp to your desk as opposed to using the ones with the 3M sticky tape. I don’t trust that tape.


Cheap Black Socks

Do yourself a favor and get yourself a good brand when it comes to buying socks. There’s some things in life to spend your hard earned money on and when it comes to socks don’t cheap out.

Get the good ones. These are not neccessarily the ones with swooshes or polo players because then you’re just buying into somebody else’s idea of fashion. The are just socks after all and maybe because it’s because I am older but I don’t need to splash a logo all over my clothes - especially on my socks. Buy hey, you do you.

I will advise again though to not scrimp on qaulity. Don’t buy socks because they are cheap. You will end up buying more socks faster than if you coughed up the dough on the first round and just bought the good ones.

When it comes to socks, stick to brand name. If the socks are a dollar a pair then chances are you will get what you pay for. I think that in 2023 you should be paying at least a dollar a foot for a good pair of socks.


Whale Bathroom Non Slip Moby Bath Mat

We bought this whale shaped non slip bath mat a few years back now and it’s held up very well considering the price of about $20.00. It’s held up well and has prevented multiple trips to the emergency room I am sure.

It’s got a good amount of suction cups ont the bottom too. Just remember to hang it up after you’re using it oherwise it’s a bitch to clean. It has a little tab that connects the tail to the rest of the body so you get a “hook” of sorts to hang it on a hook.

Again,hang this sucker up after use. It gets yucky pretty fast oherwise.


wireless mouse


I am not sure how, but I have acquired a whole slew of wireless mice. My current daily driver is a steelseries rival 3 wireless mouse which is actually really good for the price. I haven’t had a gaming mouse before, but it’s really a nice device.

The other mice I have are usually off brand wirless mice that are just okay and not great. I really don’t have much preference for wireless mice as long as they work and that’s the main requirement here.


travel mugs


I don’t know how this happend, but we have a lot of travel mugs in the house. I bring one with me to work, but I don’t know where the others come from.

I do have a few requirements for a travel mug though and it’s a simple request: for it to *not spill. You would think that would be a very simple requirement, but nope. I want a lid that does not leak and that’s it. But threre seems to be different variations of the lids and in my opinion, it matters. I like to keep my shirts clean and don’t want to have cofee spilled all down the front of my shirt so buying the right travel mug is important to me.


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